If you have been to an escape room before, then you will know how exciting the game is. In the digital world, when people are busy playing video games, escape rooms can bring people back to some physical activities.

In this magazine, you will learn about the different escape room centres that exist in the world. You will learn about the competitions that are held every year, venues, techniques, news, reviews, and more. In the escape rooms, you need to complete several challenges that need logic, math, problem-solving, and other skills.

Here you will get a guideline about how to participate in the escape room competitions. You will learn about the major competitions that are held every year and the criteria to pass the qualifying rounds. You will learn about team formation, communication, and leadership skills.

The escape room challenges are great team-building exercises, and that’s why many organizations today send employees to escape rooms. Sometimes the challenges in the escape room can be nerve-wracking. You need to learn how to be patient and solve problems and mysteries under time pressure.

The articles in this magazine will help you to design your escape room. You will learn about escape room designs. You can start with simple designs and then move into more complicated ones as you gain more experience. The escape rooms can offer you great family and friend time.

Instead of going to the cinemas or restaurants, you should think of going to the escape rooms near you. You will have a wonderful and exciting time solving the puzzles of the escape room games. Try to find local escape rooms or create your room at home. For further information, you can contact us.