If you are wondering what escape rooms are and what types of puzzles you have to solve, then you should read some books on escape rooms. The books provide detailed information about the escape rooms. Here are some of our recommendations.

The Cypher Files

By – Dimitris Chassapakis

This book contains lots of puzzles that you need to solve. You can then submit the answers online and get the keys to go forward. You must think outside the book to solve the puzzles. You will be solving the puzzles as a member of the secret international agency that works on code-based cases. The book itself will give you the escape room experience.

Escape Room Puzzles

By – James Hamer-Morton

If there are no escape room centres near your house, then there is no reason to be upset. You can get the same experience at your home by buying this book. The puzzles will test your mental ability to solve problems.


There are three different levels of puzzles in this book, depending on your experience. You need to use math, logical reasoning, and observation to solve the puzzles.

The Sherlock Holmes Escape Book

By – Ormond Sacker

You will be Sherlock Holmes when you start reading the book. You will get clues to discover secrets and solve puzzles. The book will test your brain at every stage of the game. There will be hidden doors, and you will need to unlock them.

The Do-It-Yourself Escape Room Book

By – Paige Ellsworth Lyman

In this book, you will get a detailed guide to creating your escape room. You will get hundreds of puzzle ideas. You will learn how to develop a theme and a plot. Then you will create the puzzles, cyphers, codes, and other things.

Escape rooms provide a fun activity for family, friends, and corporate people. You should experience escape rooms to feel the thrill and excitement of solving mysteries and puzzles and finally escaping the rooms.