5 Difficult Escape Rooms In The UK

If you are in search of something thrilling and adventurous, then you should get into some of the most difficult escape rooms in the UK. The experience will be something you will never forget. Here are the most difficult escape rooms in the UK.

The Crystal Maze, London, and Manchester

Here four teams will participate in a 90-minute session. There will be eight people on every team. Everyone will enter a large air-blasted crystal dome where there are four zones which are named Aztec, Future, Medieval, and Industrial. The teams have to face several challenges. The teams have to go through a series of physical and mental tasks.

Lockin, Manchester

This game merges the gap between virtual reality and real life. It is a live puzzle game, and you will enjoy it. You need to go through narrow Hallways and choose a particular mission. Your missions may include saving the President’s son, treasure hunting, jailbreak, and others. The games are timed.

Escape Rooms, Cardiff

You have to face a lot of challenges in these rooms. One of the most popular challenges is the search for a missing person inside the tomb of Tutankhamun. The walls will come down on you, and you will have to escape, at the same time crack the mystery of the missing person.

Mission Breakout, London

You can go underground through secret tunnels and discover the rich history of London. You have to conduct some intelligent operations to get through the escape rooms.

An escape room is created inside South Kentish Town Underground station that was closed down in 1924. You have to break codes to get past the rooms. Each team may consist of 3 to 6 players, and you must complete the missions in 60 minutes.

Lost and Escape, Newcastle

You will need physical flexibility, good communication skills, and great observation power to get past the escape rooms. There are dungeons, pits, Magic Castle, and other surprises and obstacles that you will need to overcome.

These escape rooms have very difficult challenges, and you need to apply both your physical and mental abilities to clear off the challenges. At the end of it, you will get an immensely satisfying feeling.


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