Tips For Creating An Escape Room At Home

If you want to take the extra step to have some good times with your friends at home, then you should create an escape room. Solving the escape room puzzles and mysteries is fun and interesting.

Instead of playing video games on your PlayStation, you can try something different and be more active. Here are some tips for creating the perfect escape room at home.

Create an outline

You need to first pick a room in your house that you want to convert into an escape room. Make sure that the room is large so that the players can move around the room comfortably, and you can keep p your clues and props. If you want to make the game more complicated, then you should use two or more rooms for the game. You can then choose to finish one room first before unlocking the other room as the game progresses.

Develop a story

You should first choose the theme for your story. For example, one room can be of a theme set in the Italian renaissance period, and another room can be the pyramids of Egypt. You should use props to decorate the room according to the theme. Then come up with an interesting story for the game based on the theme. The players must find a reason to be in the escape room after knowing the story. For example, the players may have to find the tomb of an Egyptian king or look for a missing girl. You must break the storyline into small pieces and make a flowchart of the storyline so that the story flows smoothly.

Make the challenges

After you have written the story, you should make the challenges. If you are creating the room for the newbies, then you can have 3 to 4 challenges. For more experienced players, you should make the escape room more difficult and so create 5 or more challenges throughout the game. The challenges must be solvable within a designated time frame. Create puzzles and mysteries throughout the room.

The game

Use props to make the game more realistic. You should give costumes to the players to wear during the game as it will give a more immersive gaming experience.

You should run through the game yourself before inviting your friends to ensure that the game works. You should explain all the game rules to the players before the game so that they don’t make any mistakes.