Review Of Casino Mortale Escape Room

Many people love thrill and mystery. Escape room games are for them. These games are competitive and very creative. Sky High Escape Room organization creates escape rooms and is located just outside Amsterdam. They have an escape game called Casino Mortale.

Due to the pandemic, this game is available online now. Thousands of people across the globe can now play this game. The game has some cinematic elements, and you will have a wonderful experience.

The Casino Mortale gives you something more than the regular roulette, poker, and blackjack. You will be immersed in a thrilling live game that has crime, murder, and love. If you beat the competition, the reward will be high. You get into the game even before the game starts.

So, you get more hyped than the other escape room games as you start anticipating the thrills earlier. It has a very strong backstory. You start your mission just after entering the casino. You don’t need to go through any list of rules before the game, so no time is wasted. There are multiple characters in the story, and they are all related. There are live cameras and live updates.

The game uses a QR code to find clues that will be displayed on your mobile phones or other devices. The layout of the room is awesome and lets you move through the game comfortably. You need to solve some puzzles to complete the game. The puzzles are integrated with the story, and they get developed as you move along the game.

You will experience intense drama, suspense, thrill, and even comedy in the game. So, now you can play this game online besides your regular online casino games that you play in BetTarget casino. You will have a wonderful time playing this game.


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