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An escape room is fairly a new concept, and many people are unaware of it. This magazine is about escape rooms, competitions, techniques, and more. If you have experience getting out of escape rooms, then you can write for the magazine.

After learning about your experience, the readers will feel comfortable trying it out. You can write about the various types of puzzles and other things you need to solve. You can give tips for unlocking escape room doors.

If you are interested, you should submit your CV and a short description of your experience and knowledge of the escape room. You should also mention the topics you want to write about. Before deciding on the topic, you should go through our archive to see if articles on the particular topic have already been published or not.

After we consider you as a writer, we will provide you with detailed guidelines on how to write the articles for the magazine. You need to complete the articles within 800 words. The articles must be plagiarism-free and interesting. You can share your story of getting out of the escape rooms and share pictures as well.

If you write about competition, make sure you do some research to find out about the upcoming competitions in this field. After you complete the article and submit it to our team, you will get a list of feedback about your articles.

You should fix the issues right away and resubmit. Once the articles are approved by the team, they will be published in our magazine. A lot of people will be inspired to try out the escape rooms after reading your articles, and you will also earn the reputation of being a good writer in the niche. For more information, you can email us.